2016 | A Year in Review

Wow. This year has been incredible to say the least. The one word that keeps coming to mind when I think about this past year is thankful. At the beginning of this year, my New Year’s resolution was to grow my love of photography from more than just a hobby and into a business. I was not sure how much growth to expect as I know building a business takes time, but wow, this year has blown my hopes and dreams out of the water.

This was my first full year of truly pursuing photography as a business, and it exceeded every one of my expectations. At the beginning of the year, I never thought I would be have this many opportunities in my first year, especially while finishing up graduate school, but the Lord is good. He knows this has been a dream of mine to pursue for a long time, so the best word I can use to summarize this year is thankful. 

Also, a big thank you goes out to each and every one of my wonderful clients that I had the pleasure of working with this year! Kirsten, Ryan, Sophie, Shannah, Jonathan, Kristen, Jude, Ashley, Tyler, Cicily, Matthew, Courtney, Brett, Taylor, Trey, Sara, Braxton, Taylor, Denise, Amy, Ilene, Jordan, Matt, Ginny, Ken, Matthew, Caleb, Kellie, Justin, Savannah, Ashley, Ivana, Cody, Jordan, Keaton, Madeleine, Meg, Paige, Megan, Kathryn, Shelby, Daisy, Angela, Craig, Kayleigh, Brian, Stephanie, and Jason: thank you. This year would not have been possible without you, so thank you for investing in me and helping me grow.

To close out 2016, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite photos of 2016. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful faces that 2017 will bring! Happy New Year! 🙂


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