I'm a firm believer that

your marriage

is more

important than

your wedding

I was always the girl with the camera growing up... like literally since the age of four. I used to have a Barbie film camera that I would take pictures on and my parents would go get it developed for me. I remember the day I got my first digital camera- I was on cloud nine. I love taking pictures of people because I love getting to know others and build genuine relationships. I find myself starting conversations with others no matter what I'm doing, whether it's chatting with a fellow mom at the playground, taking engagement photos, or just spending time with my husband on the couch binge watching our favorite tv show while sipping sweet tea. I know that we all crave connection and being able to showcase that connection through photos is something I'm very passionate about.

chelsea morton: i'm a WIFE, MOM, and lover of sweet tea

Meet Your Photographer

"I love taking pictures of people because I love getting to know others and build genuine relationships."

My favorite things

Get to Know Chelsea

sweet tea

bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits

owala water

chocolate chip cookies


peonies and ranunculus

I cannot stress how much you will love Chelsea!

Our wedding day brought a lot of trials - rain, wind, tornadoes, and power outages - but she was prepared and worked through it all with us! She had lights ready to go when the power went out, I’m pretty sure she got soaking wet in the rain, she bustled and unbustled my dress probably 3 times, and she (and her team) stuck it out with us the whole day! She shoots quick but efficiently and is always willing to help in any way. She is literally the best!

my Philosophy

Your commitment to one another is more important than any party


A camera without a knowledgeable photographer is just a piece of equipment


It's important in life to go above and beyond to make those you care about happy


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