Vaughn Family | Savannah’s Two Year Old Session

A few weeks ago, Kellie contacted me telling me Savannah’s second birthday was coming up, and she wanted to get some updated pictures. I was so excited to hear from Kellie again! The last time we got together, we went down to Jackson Lake Island near Montgomery, Alabama, and had a blast! {Here’s that lovely session: Vaughn Family Session}

When I got to the Vaughn’s house, I could not believe how much Savannah had grown! She has learned so many new words and has so many new facial expressions. It’s always so fun to me to see how much kids have grown and developed since the last time I have seen them!

Savannah’s birthday is December 26, so they still had all of the Christmas decorations up, which just makes my heart happy because I LOVE Christmas. It was so fun getting to see Savannah playing with the ornaments and the decorations. We had such a great time catching up and getting some updated photos of Savannah, so enjoy!

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