Anna and Chris | An Elegant New Years Eve Wedding Morning

Her smile lit up the room the entire day. The joy she was feeling was felt by every. single. person. in the room. It was her wedding day, and she had been waiting six years for this day.

Anna met Chris her freshman year at Auburn University. Their first date was a double date going to Chipotle and swing dancing lessons. They hit it off, and the rest is history! I am so grateful that their first date was a double date, because it was with my husband, David, and I! When we say we have seen their relationship from the beginning, we mean it! From that very first double date, I knew Anna and I would be great friends. She has always had such an optimistic outlook on life, and she infects everyone around her with that sense of joy. Anna and Chris were in my and David’s wedding back in 2015, so we were so honored that they asked us both to be in their wedding. I loved getting to serve both as a bridesmaid in the wedding and as a photographer for the morning of her wedding.

At the rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding, it was incredible getting to hear stories from Chris and Anna’s friends and family. There was one common factor I noticed from all of the speeches: joy. Joy not only in the fact that Anna and Chris were finally getting married, but joy when describing each of them as people. Every single person noted how bubbly Anna has always been.

One of my favorite memories of Anna is actually from her bachelorette weekend. We went to Ponce City Market for dinner that night and played putt putt afterwards. Throughout the night, people congratulated Anna on her upcoming wedding. Instead of just casually thanking the people and going on enjoying her evening, she stopped and personally thanked the people, then proceeded to carry on a genuine conversation with the people who had just wished her well. Now, I don’t know about you, but not many brides on their bachelorette weekend would take the time to talk with a stranger and show true genuine interest in them. That’s just who Anna is as a person, and I’m so thankful to call her one of my best friends!


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